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Must be purchased before euthanasia appointment arrival, as this is delivered on the day of the appointment

Using the Bios urn to grow a living memorial plant really helps people through the grieving process.

Getting to spend precious more positive moments every day and watching the plant frow, and flowers bloom is something special.

With Bios Urn, you can now grow a tree from your passed pets ashes,
returning their energies into a more natural living memorial that you can grow
in your own back yard. With Bios Urn you can create “LIFE AFTER LIFE”.
Nurturing you pets living memorial, you can watch your pets energies grow

leaf by leaf.

Bios Urn is a very simple and dignified way to ensure that the cremated
ashes of your pets are returned to nature in the most positive of ways.
Constructed in two sections, the Bios-Urn is made from 100% biodegradable
materials, designed to support the growth of your selected seedling with the
cremated ashes of your passed pet. The top capsule section contains a bag
of potting mix, perfect for maximizing your selected seedlings growth whilst
also modified for our varying climatic conditions in Australia. The base section

carries the ashes.

You have the choice of picking a seedling that you both love and are
confident will grow in your selected planting location. Some people choose to
grow Australian Natives, others a fruit tree or even a rose bush, the choice is


Bios Urn tree of memories

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