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Pet Palliative Care FAQs

Q. When is the right time for euthanasia?


Q. How can I tell if my pet is in pain ?


Q. How exactly does the euthanasia process work?


Q. Will my pet feel the euthanasia?

A. No. Your pet will go to sleep and lose consciousness very quickly after the deep sedative, and won't be able to feel any pain from the final injection whatsoever after this point.


Q. Why would I euthanize my pet in my home?

A. Allowing your pet to spend their final days in the place where they feel most comfortable and happy is best for the pet and the family. There's also no need for the clinic visit, which can be stressful.

Q. Do I have to stay all the way through?

A. Most of my clients prefer to have the euthanasia performed at home so that they can be with their animal companions throughout this difficult time. If you find it too much, however, you are in your own house and you can, of course, choose, to leave. You can leave at any point. If you want to come back and say goodbye one final time at the end, Dr Charlene will make sure you have that opportunity.

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