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White Powder

1. Unrushed Discussion

The gentle euthanasia process will be clearly explained and your questions will be answered. When Dr Charlene arrives, attending to your pet’s welfare takes immediate priority. The location/setting within your home is completely your choice. Dr Charlene is happy as long as your wishes are met- inside/outside/candles/music.

2. Pre-Sedation - Drifting into Calm Sleep

Dr Charlene will come to your home at a time that we have organised. When you are ready, she will administer a gentle, very deep sedative. This is not a painful or distressing process, your pet simply drifts into a peaceful sleep.

3. Pass Away Gently and Peacefully

Dr Charlene will then give your pet an anaesthetic agent that causes their heart to slow and then gently stop. They pass away peacefully. This process is very gentle, humane and generally a calmer and more tranquil one than can be delivered at a clinic, as your pet is able to pass away in their familiar surroundings with you  by their side.

4. Aftercare

It is entirely your decision what happens next. If you know that you want a cremation Dr Charlene can transfer your pet to "Evermore Cremation". The cremation process and the ashes returned can be discussed with her, and booked directly on the site once the euthanasia booking has been made and paid for. 

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